5 Yoga Stretches To Alleviate A Stiff Bod by Alexandra Pullen

Need some stretches to get through a long day of work? Try these at home or at your desk! Swipe to see my favorite stretches that target the common areas of tension cause by sitting for too long (shoulders, hips, chest). Read more below to see the benefits of each posture! These are also great to do on a long flight!

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Wanderlust Festival 2017 by Alexandra Pullen

This recap is a little late...but better late than never amirite?! Oh my gosh, where to even begin! Wanderlust is such a magical experience. Last year I went with my friend Sophie and had an amazing time, and this time around did not disappoint! Wanderlust is pretty much heaven on earth for yogis, especially yoga teachers. Last year I wasn’t teaching as much, so this time I got to fully take advantage of all of the amazing classes and teachers and gurus that come from all over just to teach at this festival. I took an average of 3 yoga classes per day and it was amazing! This year, Natura Wines approached me with an opportunity to be a brand ambassador for them…um WHAT?! An excuse to go to Wanderlust plus allll of the organic/vegan wine my heart could ask for? Done.

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My Morning Ritual by Alexandra Pullen

My schedule is different every day, but I always make sure I start it with a relaxing morning. Even if I have to get up early for work, a workout, or an event—I’ll get up extra early just to have a leisurely morning. My morning sets the tone for my whole day, so I always make an effort to make it count. If I start the morning stressed out, rushing, and running late, I’ll be on edge for a better part of the morning and it’ll even trickle in to the rest of my day. For me, this practice just serves as a moment of stillness before the craziness of the day ensues.

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