HB City Guide: Tel Aviv, Israel by Alexandra Pullen

Where to even begin…Israel is one of my favorite places in the world. I always say that it feels like a mixture of LA and NYC…but in the Middle East. It’s robust with culture, color, movement, and people. Tel Aviv is like “the big city” of Israel. An oasis amongst an otherwise very traditional land. It’s vibrant, alive, and exciting. Tel Aviv is such a hidden gem! So many people have never thought about going because they are misinformed or simply don’t know how magical it truly is. I’ve experienced some of the most profound spiritual experiences and also had the most fun of my life in this amazing place…not to mention eaten the best meals of my existence. Below is my must see/do/eat list for Tel Aviv! YALLA!!!

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Why I Started Eating Meat Again In Israel by Alexandra Pullen

As humans, we crave structure and discipline. But what if some of that structure is just a failed attempt to implement more control? For the recovery of my eating disorder, it’s important for me to have as little rules and restrictions as possible. A huge part of my past disordered eating was an effort to control a life I felt I had little free will or say in. It is an exercise in trust to lessen my grip on as many things as possible, including my diet. I have to lean into trust. Trust that my intuition is strong enough at this point to guide me with discernment to make healthy choices. 

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