Expo West Recap/A Lesson In Reading Ingredient Labels by Alexandra Pullen

All I can do to really describe expo west is say that it was pure insanity. Being lost in a massive convention center is a version of my own person hell, but that was assuaged by the fact that I was surrounded by natural products. There were tons of brands that I absolutely ADORED! There were definitely some standouts.

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My Morning Ritual by Alexandra Pullen

My schedule is different every day, but I always make sure I start it with a relaxing morning. Even if I have to get up early for work, a workout, or an event—I’ll get up extra early just to have a leisurely morning. My morning sets the tone for my whole day, so I always make an effort to make it count. If I start the morning stressed out, rushing, and running late, I’ll be on edge for a better part of the morning and it’ll even trickle in to the rest of my day. For me, this practice just serves as a moment of stillness before the craziness of the day ensues.

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