Drinking Your Vitamins + 2 Yummy Recipes! by Alexandra Pullen

Meeting your daily-recommended value for so many different nutrients can be a challenge, but finding products that help make it super convenient to hit all of my marks in one fell swoop makes my life so much easier! We need to meet the daily-recommended value for nutrients in order to have complete energy, digestive, and immune health support! Also includes a PB&J Green Smoothie Recipe + a high protein/low sugar Superfood Cold Brew recipe!

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Expo West Recap/A Lesson In Reading Ingredient Labels by Alexandra Pullen

All I can do to really describe expo west is say that it was pure insanity. Being lost in a massive convention center is a version of my own person hell, but that was assuaged by the fact that I was surrounded by natural products. There were tons of brands that I absolutely ADORED! There were definitely some standouts.

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My Morning Ritual by Alexandra Pullen

My schedule is different every day, but I always make sure I start it with a relaxing morning. Even if I have to get up early for work, a workout, or an event—I’ll get up extra early just to have a leisurely morning. My morning sets the tone for my whole day, so I always make an effort to make it count. If I start the morning stressed out, rushing, and running late, I’ll be on edge for a better part of the morning and it’ll even trickle in to the rest of my day. For me, this practice just serves as a moment of stillness before the craziness of the day ensues.

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