5 Yoga Stretches To Alleviate A Stiff Bod by Alexandra Pullen

Need some stretches to get through a long day of work? Try these at home or at your desk! Swipe to see my favorite stretches that target the common areas of tension cause by sitting for too long (shoulders, hips, chest). Read more below to see the benefits of each posture! These are also great to do on a long flight!

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Why I Don't Count Calories by Alexandra Pullen

I don’t count calories. This is mainly because I’m lazy, but it’s also because I don’t see the point. Your body doesn’t understand an arbitrary numerical value that you select as an acceptable amount to feed your body, nor is there a magic number that is going to make your body say, “I don’t need these five extra pounds.” There was a period of time in which I was really strict and aware of how many calories I was putting in my body, but I was also CRAZY during that time. Since then, I've also become a lot more in tune with my body. Once you can learn how to eat intuitively, you will be able to gauge exactly how much you need and when you have truly had enough. This is the same reason why I don't weigh myself. I want to go off how I feel, not by a number. It's a very evolved way of thinking and being in a calorie/media-obsessed culture that we live in, but I promise that you will be so much happier without the scales and numbers!

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