Drinking Your Vitamins + 2 Yummy Recipes! by Alexandra Pullen

Meeting your daily-recommended value for so many different nutrients can be a challenge, but finding products that help make it super convenient to hit all of my marks in one fell swoop makes my life so much easier! We need to meet the daily-recommended value for nutrients in order to have complete energy, digestive, and immune health support! Also includes a PB&J Green Smoothie Recipe + a high protein/low sugar Superfood Cold Brew recipe!

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Mentoring the Next Generation Of Dancers by Alexandra Pullen

Having a role model to empower you to succeed can make all the difference in life—and in sport. My goal as a ballet teacher is to first and foremost to lead by example, and provide an example that i would want to follow myself. I also seek to reinforce the opposite of all of the negative stereotypes that exist in ballet culture. I try my best to be patient, use positive reinforcement (often), challenge my students, and encourage them to most importantly have FUN and enjoy the process.

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Why I'm Coming Out Of Retirement+Ballerina Approved Denim by Alexandra Pullen

I haven’t talked about it a ton on here or my Instagram, but after a two year hiatus from dancing professionally (or even dancing at all really for that matter), I started training again about a month ago! It’s been a steady climb to get my technique back, but the body is truly amazing and muscle memory is a real thing! The main thing I’ve been working on is regaining my confidence and strength so that I can re-enter the professional dance world with gusto. I’ve decided that I’m not done with ballet, I just needed a long overdue mental, emotional, and physical break in order to heal!

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