Making Your Home A Sanctuary / by Alexandra Pullen

I finally feel like my apartment is becoming a home. I've been adding to it bit by bit since November, and it's coming together at last. Making your home a sanctuary is so so important because home is the one place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle and craziness of everyday life. My room is where I rest, reset, meditate, and practice yoga. I'm trying to implement all of the Niyamas of yoga (aka the ten commandments of yoga) into my life little by little. Saucha is one of them, and it translates to cleanliness. That includes cleanliness of the mind, diet, and home. Practicing saucha in the home is imperative because our environment reflects our state of mind. A cluttered space can cause a clogged and foggy mind. Having space to breath enables the mind to have more space to "breath" as well. Having a clear space to practice yoga makes for a better practice, and it also shows respect for the practice as well. Even though apartments are small, there is definitely still room to make it cozy and your own meditation den. You just have to make it yours and put the time in. You don't have to spend a ton of money, you just have to be strategic about it! I splurged on a few items, but I also got a lot of stuff from Target. I also waited to get my Wayfair dresser until after Christmas because they had a huge 50% off blowout sale. The trick is to acquire everything little by little and with tact. Below are a couple of the guidelines I followed in order to create the room of my dreams:


Minimalism is key to achieving saucha. Not only does this mean decluttering, but it also means not bringing anything into the space that you don't absolutely need. I don't have a lot of furniture (such as a desk or chair) because I would rather just do less. I'd rather have more open space to breath. I also don't have a bed frame because I honestly didn't feel like I needed it. If I do decide to get one, then I'll pick something subdued, plain, and low to the ground. Less is definitely more.


I wanted a distinct theme so there was cohesion throughout the space. I didn't add anything just because I liked it, everything had a purpose. This ties in with minimalism, because you are eliminating anything "extra." The theme I chose to go with was white/gold/moons.


During my apartment hunting process, natural light was a non-negotiable for me. I've lived in dark spaces before, and it's honestly just depressing. Plus, good natural lighting makes for much better food photography!


Symmetry is aesthetically pleasing, attractive to the human eye, and also calming for the mind. They say that the most beautiful people are those with impeccable symmetry of the face, so the same applies to a room. Symmetry is ingrained in the psychology and biology of beauty. That's why I have not one but two bedside tables with two matching lamps. Both were from Urban Outfitters Home, which was definitely a splurge. I balanced purchases like this with the other pieces I got from Target. 


Pronounced “hoo-guh,” hygee is a Danish term defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” "Cozy" is the closest English translation. I implemented this by adding lots of fuzzy things. On my bed I have a white sheepskin pillow and matching blanket. I also have this adorable Sheepskin Rug from Rugs USA that I could cuddle in for days. It's super soft and fits in with the theme of my room perfectly. This pillow I got from Urban Mattress is designed specifically for people that sleep on their sides (guilty!). They say that your pillow actually largely contributes to how comfortable you are when you sleep. Honestly, this pillow is expensive--but I sleep like a goshdarn baby on it! The concave edges keep your head centered and aligned properly, so you don't wake up and start your day off with neck pain.


Life is art and creativity is contagious. I love integrating art that speaks to me in my space, because it inspires me to be more creative. I adore my unique macrame from Caliclectic Studio; It totally gives the space a boho vibe. My metallic diffuser from Saje Wellness not only looks amazing, but it makes my space smell INCREDIBLE. I opted for silver to mix it up since I have so many gold pieces as it is (my mirror, bedside tables, lamps, etc). I love using the "brainstorm" essential oil blend in my diffuser. They conducted a study and found that it actually increased productivity in an office when this particular blend was being diffused. They diffused it at an accounting firm and they made 60% less clerical errors that day! So, I always use this when I'm at home reading or studying!

I absolutely love my moon watercolor art from my friend Kristine Claghorn (@Claggie on Instagram). You can shop her amazing art here. My friend Kaitee of Moon Body Soul gave me this incredible limited edition moon phase calendar that I hung beside my bed. It fits in with the theme of my room perfectly and it's also a super easy way for me to track where we are in the moon cycle. I also accented the space with a geode wall hanging, granite clock, and sheepskin stool all from Target! You don't have to spend a ton of money to bring life to your space. Accents like my pink salt and bundles of sage and palo santo bundles add that perfect final touch.