Beauty From Within / by Alexandra Pullen

Let's talk supplements, shall we?! I've never been a huge supplement girl myself...until now. I used to figure that I eat pretty healthy, eat a variety of fruits and veggies, and therefore didn't really need to make up for nutrients with vitamins. Of course it's better to obtain nutrients from food itself, but the reality is that it can be really hard to hit all of your marks. Especially if you have a specific diet, such as vegan, vegetarian, paleo, need to be extra aware of your nutrient intake. I always take a food-based multivitamin designed for women, but now I've started to branch out into fancier supplements!

I've recently discovered HUM Nutrition, a beauty and nutrition company. I love their whole philosophy, which is "beauty starts from within." As a firm believer in the "you are what you eat" ideology, I was intrigued. The packaging is adorable, so I was sold. HUM is gluten free, non-gmo, sustainably sourced, clinically proven, and premium quality. I started out with a few different kinds, but I've slowly added more and more to my collection because I loved the results so much. I love that instead of offering miracle results with chemicals and other nasties, they are supplements specifically designed for a purpose. For example, the "skinny bird" supplement isn't just a bunch of chemicals that will mess up your metabolism. It contains ingredients such as green tea extract (metabolism booster) and 5-HTP (stress reliever), which naturally promote weight loss due to their functions. The "Daily Cleanse" cleanses skin, liver, bowel, kidneys, and lungs with cleansing minerals such as organic spirulina, cleansing minerals, and detox herbs. A lot of "cleansing" products on the market are really just diuretics, but this product is designed to cleanse your body from within, which will in turn give you clearer skin.

Another variety I've really been enjoying is the "OMG! Omega", which is really just a fish oil capsule. As a vegetarian, I've always been really hesitant to take fish oil supplements. However, I decided to give it a try--and I've noticed SUCH a difference!! Ever since I've started taking it, my complexion is visibly brighter, clearer, more moisturized, and less dull! I was obviously lacking these omegas in my diet, so taking this supplement has evened that out. It's made me consider adding fish to my diet since I've noticed such an improvement in skin quality and energy! The best part is there's no gross fishy aftertaste, and the fish are sustainably sourced.

My new daily ritual is to take the "Gut Instinct" first thing when I wake up on an empty stomach. It's a probiotic that contains 25 billion organisms, 10 strain probiotic. Your gut is seriously critical to overall wellbeing, and your skin and outward appearance can be a reflection of your internal health. A lot of other health problems can start with an unhealthy gut. Mental health disorders are also linked to poor gut health and digestion. I suffer from IBS, so having a quality probiotic and lots of healthy bacteria in my body is a must to prevent flare-ups. "Flatter Me" is another good one for your gut, as it is a digestive enzyme. It's designed to eliminate bloating by improving digestion. If your food is digested properly, you are more likely to have a flat stomach. Again, I like that it's designed for a physical result, but backed by science. Studies have linked digestive enzyme blends with easing indigestion and reducing related issues including bloating and fullness.

Since moving to California, it's safe to say I spend a lot more time in the sun. I started taking "Here Comes the Sun," which is a high potency Vitamin D3. It's important to specify D3 when taking a vitamin D supplement. 

"Red Carpet" is a blend of oils designed to hydrate hair+skin cells with its unique oil blend. It promotes glowing skin and shiny hair. I also love that a store like Sephora sells it! What you eat and put in your body is important for beauty and skin health!

"Uber Energy" is great for that 4 PM slump (which I used to rely on coffee to get me through!). It fights fatigue by promoting adrenal strength. It balances the adrenals with adaptogens, l-tyrosene, B5 & B6, and Vitamin C. I take this in the afternoon when I'm feeling sluggish.

I can't wait to try ALL of the HUM varieties!